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Monoatomic Gold Hair Growth Set

Monoatomic Gold Hair Growth Set

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Factors affecting hair loss are complex and can include stress, hormone balance, nutrition, heredity, medications, age, and lifestyle factors.   

The ORMUS, nano gold and essential oils in the Monatomic Gold Hair Treatment stimulate hair growth by increasing circulation in the scalp, increasing the availability of oxygen, antioxidants, and nutrients to the cells, balancing the skin oils, and supporting and strengthening the hair follicle.

Why use Structured Ingredients?

They act as a crucial nutrient for building, maintaining, and regenerating cells. And they help absorb macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates, and proteins) to promote healthy hair:

  • Supports Healthy Energy levels
  • Enzymes that help with nutrient absorption
  • Promotes Endurance and Well-being

Monatomic Gold Hair set supports

  • Diminishing excessive hair loss
  • Heal dandruff
  • Heal dry itchy scalp
  • Darken hair and reduce graying
  • Stimulate and promote hair growth
  • Thicken and strengthen hair
  • Make hair silky and shiny
  • Support the body by providing scalar energy imprints of vitamin and minerals
  • Create full body balance with Scalar Energy Programmed Elements
  • Raise your Frequency with this Cutting Edge HIGH-Frequency Product!


Monatomic Gold Hair Growth Treatment: In our Monatomic Gold Hair Treatment, ORMUS structured with the Evolution Quantum Technology and is specially blended with essential oils that act on hair follicles to stimulate hair growth.  

Directions: Shake well and rub a small amount onto the scalp daily or as desired. Best if used with the Monatomic Hair Growth Serum.

    Ingredients: Structured Water, ORMEs, Nano Gold, Lavandula officinalis essential oil, Salvia rosmarinus essential oil, Thymus vulgaris, essential oil and Evolution Quantum Technology.

    Montoatomic Gold Hair Growth Serum: For men and women ORMUS Hair growth serum for regrowth treatment for scalp hair loss hair thinning, natural hair growth for thicker longer fuller healthier hair.

    Directions -Apply directly to a dry or towel-dried scalp, focusing on areas where roots need the most strength. Use fingers to gently massage into scalp. Do not rinse.

    Identify areas of your scalp where hair is less dense and prone to breakage when choosing where to apply. Start by targeting those areas with the pipette, then massage in everywhere.

    Ingredients: Simmondsia chinensis,Ricinus communis, ORMEs, Nano Gold, Lavandula officinalis essential oil, Capsicum annuum, Salvia rosmarinus essential oil, Thymus vulgaris, essential oil and Evolution Quantum Technology.

    30ml each


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