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DMT™ Ascension ORMUS

DMT™ Ascension ORMUS

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DMT™ (Decoding Molecular Technology) Scalar Frequency Ascension ORMUS.  This ORMUS was created through 12 DNA earth vortexes during the DMT™ Ascension Journey with Jewels.  She traveled for over 4 months using portals of the earth to neutralize separation of nutrients to activate the ascended DNA and hold the body in a field beyond separation, space and time.  This ORMUS is created to  activate the Multidimensional Body allowing you to experience Consciousness held in the frequency of 963. 

  • Supports Vibrational Energy
  • Encourages Centered State of Being
  • Activates 12 DMT™ Codes boosting Cell Ascension
  • Supercharges Cellular Health through the 12 DMT™ code Vortex Frequencies
  • Increases Alertness and Mental Clarity
  • Energy Boosting Formula: Provides Cellular Energy and Vitality


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