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Scalar 33 Acceleration Package

Scalar 33 Acceleration Package

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The Scalar 33 Acceleration Package highlights our super start products!  Start Turning on DMT!  Activate the Body, and let consciousness catch up!  This is the NEXT in Bio-hacking!

This package is designed to bring the cells into a high spin state and boost mitochondria  health.  It is great for diminishing fine lines, wrinkles and reducing dark spots.  The perfect prep for glowing healthy skin.

Scalar 33 ORMUS: When applying the Scalar 33 ORMUS Activator to the Evolution products and then applying to the skin, the Evolution technology restores the cells over a 12 hour period of time. Most skincare products work for a short time after applying.  Adding Scalar 33 ORMUS Activator, allows the product to actively work with skin cells for 12 hours.     

Scalar 33 ORMUS has minerals that hold electrons  a higher spin state.  These minerals enter and integrate into the body's trillions of cells and mitochondria enhancing health and wellbeing.

Scalar 33 Serum: Scalar 33 Serum is a Hexapeptide-rich intensive offering cutting edge technology and high yield moisturizing agents that fortify devitalized skin. A proprietary complex of refining skin conditioners combats typical concerns observed as a result of chronological aging. High molecular weight proteins, with beneficial properties, connect and rehydrate for a picture-perfect finish.

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