You're more then you think you are: Our unseen Reality

by Julie Arnes

We are all more then we think we are.  Our minds filter out what is conceived as “not useful” in every moment of our lives. We use only 10% of our brain.  A big part of that is existing in the function of survival. It would be to overwhelming to be conscious of all the information coming at us in every given moment, but what if on some level we are taking it in on a couscous level or that we could by choice?  So much of our reality is unseen.  Through out history there have been those that lived outside the physical world.  They were called crazy or insane because others could not “see” what they could.  This is still true today though more and more people are speaking up about the unseen world that exist here, right now.  Within this unseen world is a vast of information we all have available to us.  In essence, it is an extension of ourselves.  A grid that holds frequencies and vibrations that hold knowledge, wisdom and a power that goes beyond the physical.   This grid is energy.  The so called empty space between all things.  This grid connects us all and it is within this grid we have the ability to truly experience ONENESS.  If one were to see this grid with a seers eye, it is like connective tissue.  It connects all things, not just living things.  It connects us to every dimension and goes beyond space and time.  This grid is the foundation of life outside what is “seen”.  We are this grid.  We are as big as the universe and as small as a grain of sand.  Our bodies are part of the bigger whole, but also the whole in itself!  The grid is us and we are the grid.  Moving beyond the limitation of the physical world is held in the knowledge that this energy is there and we have the ability to use it to expand our lives beyond limiting beliefs, illnesses, thoughts, or anything that holds us back from being our fullest potential!  Who says our fullest potential is only in the physical world.  What if the “unseen” world is where we can grow into the highest version of ourselves!  What if within this world  we grow into a human that is capable of using the fullest extent of the brain.  What if this is what we were born to be and this capability is just waiting dormant until we start being comfortable with exploring the “unseen”?  This energy grid of the unseen is a gateway to choosing life beyond what we know.  It has no limitation and it can change humanity as we know it!  Let’s explore the unseen and experience life beyond what is physical.  Our physical makeup is just an energy pattern waiting to be “upgraded”.  Let’s upgrade what it means to be human and experience life in the uncomfortable.  Is it crazy?  I think it’s crazy to repeat what has been done over and over… Humans evolve.  The next step is to go where no man has gone.  Let’s change our world by changing ourselves, lets upgrade what it means to be human by allowing the “unseen” to be “seen”.