What Virus is keeping you old?

What Virus is keeping you old?

A virus is a thought or mental programing we live by unconsciously or are only slightly aware that it is there.  When we live by unconscious thought patterns we develop our reality through these patterns or viruses.  The patterns expand out from our mind into our energy system and  into the world as we see it through our own experience.

My belief is that Aging is a disease.  It is a thought pattern that is validated as we age because we unconsciously adapt to a belief system of society. What we  witness as our “reality” is being shown as we “see” through the eyes that have created this reality.  What if it is not the truth?  What if an aging body is just a symptom of a belief system or an unconscious choice humanity continues to choose?  

How do we overcome a reality that has been passed down throughout the existence of mankind?  By being conscious that it is an energetic pattern that just like a virus, spreads out into our reality, kill the virus by bringing it to the forefront our our minds and reprogram it into a more evolved energetic pattern.  New Energetic patterns are created when we repeatedly intercept old patterns as unconscious thoughts begin to come into our awareness.  We acknowledge them, witness them and then “choose” not to agree with them any longer.  Then we replace them with what I call an “Upgrade”.  An upgrade is replacing old dense energy patterns or thoughts with energetic patterns that are beyond our understanding.  Something our minds cannot register because it hasn’t been done before… a reality that isn’t in the reality of humanity!  Our eyes cannot see it, our bodies cannot register it because our minds have not experienced it “yet”, BUT we ask for it anyways.  We ask to be upgraded to the NEW human.  A human that is not limited by the thought patterns of the humans before us.  We create from the unknown, creating an unknown reality that is waiting for us to become conscious of!  We have everything we need to defy the law of aging.  Let’s challenge our minds and bring this awareness into our reality!  When the programs of society creep into awareness proclaim your birth right as a NEW human!  


“Today I choose to upgrade my cellular makeup to the next step of human Evolution.  My cells rejuvenate into the most advanced energetic pattern that is available to me at this time.  I proclaim that I am existing in a reality beyond what my mind can understand, and I am choosing to see this reality through new eyes as my mind expands into a consciousness created from the unknown.  I allow myself to be in the uncomfortable so that I may emerge into most evolved version of myself.”  


We choose this every time we become aware of our limiting beliefs and energy patterns.  We choose to not live in the reality that was created before us.  We break the pattern of how we age.  It becomes a choice through our awareness.  We evolve through the conscious understanding that we truly create our reality…. Do we create it “unconsciously” or do we create it through choice?

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