What is your frequency?

What is your frequency?

What frequency is your life?
Living a life at high frequency is when we are aware of thoughts that are not in-line with our truth. If we live in awareness, we have choice. 

When I first started working as a vibrational therapist I instantly noticed a difference in how I felt. 
I felt connected and at peace with the world around me. Being around frequency work has opened my eyes to a world of vibration.
I started studying what energy is and how it could change the lives of my clients.
Of my 20 years of working as a healer and deepening my own spiritual path, I have learned through experience and training, the art of vibrational therapy.

So how does it all work? 
We are all made of energy; within our bodies we have places that energy is at high vibration, creating balance and health. Where there is illness, injury or depression there is a lack of energy creating a low vibration.
In the physics realm, energy is a property of objects which can be transferred to other objects or converted into different forms. 

So how can we use this understanding of energy to better ourselves? 
If we are made of energy, then it is possible to convert or change our form using energy. All energy has a frequency at which it vibrates. 
For instance, a magazine has particles that are very close together making it have more solid form or low frequency. The emotion of shame is in the frequency of about 20Hz. The emotion of peace is around 600Hz. 
When our thoughts and emotions are surrounded with peace we vibrate at a high frequency. When we notice how some people seem to “glow” and others have a cloud around them, we are picking up their frequency.
The higher the frequency, the better we will feel. 
The energy we are vibrating with is reflected into our daily life, our health, and our emotional well being. 

When receiving vibrational medicine, a therapist will connect to a divine source and channel this energy into our body, mind and energy body.
With intuitive guidance the therapist can bring low vibrational blocks, thought patterns and emotions into a higher frequency. 
We then become this higher frequency.
When our body reaches a high vibrational state it wants to stay there. 
In order for this to happen, our energy system will ‘’clear'' any lower vibration that cannot resonate with the higher frequency. 
These blocks are what I call “programs”. Most illnesses in the body start with a program; a thought or emotion connected to a story that plays out in the daily life. This can be conscious or unconscious. Clearing programs connected to anxiety, depression, anger or shame brings a life of choice.

What vibration do you want to live your life at?
We all have this choice and we all have the power to bring in the Divine energy to live a life of freedom! 
Reprogramming the brain and emotional responses can be done with practice and awareness of when we have fallen into lower vibration (anxious, upset, angry, etc.) and choose to interrupt the negative pattern by seeing it for what it is... a program. A program is a story we have come to live by but is not the truth. 
The higher vibration is always there for us to resonate with. We have the power by being aware of our thoughts and feelings, to choose our frequency. 
After all, we are energy and energy is always changing form. 

We have the choice to live a life of freedom and the world around us is a reflection of the frequency we are resonating with. Doing things that raise our vibration such as eating healthy, exercising, meditating, drinking high frequency water, or receiving healing therapies, will bring us to a higher frequency. 

Try holding your favorite stones or carry one in your pocket and see the difference in how you feel that day. 
When I have a bad day I repeat “thank you, I love you” over and over again to the Universe. 
These two phrases have a very high vibration and they can interrupt negative thoughts. The more we choose things that feel good to our spirits, the higher our energy will vibrate. 

What do you want to create with your energy?
If you resonate at a high vibration you will create a high frequency life!  
Infynite Gold is created to vibrate above the frequency of 650HZ though it is converted into Scalar energy that is different. Scalar energy cannot diffuse over space and time so it never looses it's frequency. It's more then just skin care... It is frequency care.

What frequency do you vibrate at?


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