Moving past the Victim mentality and reclaiming your Youth: DNA upgrade

by Julie Arnes

Identifying the victim mentality is the first step to becoming conscious.  Being unconscious is when we live life in a state of mind where life happens to us.  We are pulled into the drama of life and get sucked down the rabbit hole of waking up in the morning, going to a job we hate but need to pay the bills, have health problem that we just deal with and we feel a deep disconnect to life… a feeling deep down that we are alone and have no control over our lives.   The day we choose to no longer be a victim is the day we “Awaken”.  Yes we may fall victim to certain circumstances again, but once Awakened we always will remember we are the creators of our lives.  When we can move out of the thought patterns that we have things “done to us” and move into the thought pattern of “what in me is attracting this experience? I choose to release all resistance”  When we attract an experience it is the universes way of showing you where you are vibrating.  The universe has no judgement of where you are vibrating, it just gives you experiences that match your frequency.  We judge the experience as good and bad because our minds want to control the situation in order to feel safe.  What if we just noticed the experience as a lower frequency and choose to release it: lett it flow right our of our reality?  Resistance is the need to hold onto an experience.  Resistance causes energetic blocks inside our bodies that causes us to recreate the experience over and over until it can be release.  If it is not released, we first see it in our spiritual life.  We feel lost, disconnected, lack in direction or clarity.  Then we experience it in our emotions.  We become depressed, have anxiety or focus problems.  When we hold onto resistance we eventually will see it in our bodies as illness, injury or …. as a disease and AGING is a Disease!  Aging is loosing life force energy.  We loose life force energy when we resist life.  Moving into higher states of consciousness is how we create longevity.  It is becoming so in tune with the universal flow there is no need to judge an experience.  TRUST becomes our safe place.  We let go of the need to control and Allow ourselves to be part of the natural flow of the universe.  When we experience resistance we use it as an opportunity to grow to an even higher state of conscious evolution.  In this evolution we vibrate at a higher frequency and attract higher frequency experiences.  Which includes an ageless life full of vitality!  Our telomeres and DNA have their own intelligence.  Our life experience can reprogram our DNA into a new evolution of what it means to be human!  This is done by becoming conscious and letting go of resistance: maintaining life force energy!  So jump into the FLOW and hold your hands high! Celebrate the good and the uncomfortable because it is all communication from the universe showing you where to LET GO and FLOW!  Enjoy the ride of your own evolution!  Enter the unknown and TRUST.  See you there!