Living As Divine Intelligence....

Living As Divine Intelligence....

About 3 years ago my best friend died at a young age of a rare form of cancer. It was very fast (30 days) and in those weeks I connected to his spirit so strongly that the transition taught me what it was to live as God. I watched his family suffer in grief, acting out in horrible ways. I held them in love and created a space of acceptance that even I was suppressed by. Once I saw my friend was not going to stay with me in the physical body, I allowed our friendship transcend as he did. I start with this story because even now, 2 years latter, we continue our friendship. I stepped into a deeper understanding of what it means to live as my Divine. It is a way of being I dedicate my life too... I call it my home frequency, or my true nature. I believe we are all ministers performing in the monastery of LIFE. I was blessed with the gift of healing and was lucky to find very powerful teachers at a very young age. I consider myself a vessel of Divine intelligence. The more open I am, the more my vessel can bring in the essence of God. I once called it the light of God and from time to time I still do because it ‘feels’ good. In a profound insight I got over a period of intense spiritual work, I found that, for me, God is the darkness. I was told not to fear darkness because it is all that ever was... It holds you, me and all that is. Darkness is the space, the void. In the void is God. Light creates. God exist. This message changed my life. The darkness I once feared, is now the beginning of time in the now... where no karma, law or fluctuation of frequency can exist. For me it is the truth. Now it is my mission as a channel of Divine Grace to hold space for others when they cannot. ‘Everyone is a Minister of Life”. For me this is living a life of truth. It is knowing the self well enough to allow others to have their own experience and not need to change them but hold a frequency for them. Another way of saying this to bring an experience into the darkness where no karma, law or frequency can exist outside of God.

Being a Channel of Grace is the foundation of my life as I play out my truth to the best of my ability. The rest for me all comes naturally as a result of living this truth. I ask to be a vessel of Divine Intelligence without having to know what or how this happens. I ask this with a humble heart and feel tears of gratitude. My job as a creator is to listen to the guidance the universe gives me and then do it, without needing to understand an intelligence my mind will never understand. My heart only knows it is the truth.

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