Evolve, Reverse Aging and Connect to your Highest Potential with Ormus Elements

Evolve, Reverse Aging and Connect to your Highest Potential with Ormus Elements

What is Ormus and Why do we want it on our skin? (Transdermal)

David Hudson patented ORMEs (Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements) to describe a white powder, incapable of being perceived by the mind or senses, that comes from gold, platinum metals, and other "transitional" metals. These orbited rearranged minerals have not completely transitioned into the usual atomic structure or basic minerals. The electrons exist in a High Spin State. These elements come in and out of existence and can levetate! Being called the 5th diminutional element, they can become superconductive, and even resonate in other dimensions. Ormus Elements naturally exist within our bodies and in nature but with depleted soil and toxic lifestyles, we lack in these vital elements. 

Heating a monatomic substance raises its vibration level, which causes it to "jump" into higher dimensions. Infynite Gold makes Ormus Elements with extreme care and consciousness. Every product is hand made and given specific energetic imprints that hold the frequency of reversing aging. 

Putting Ormus Elements on your skin is like absorbing Life Force Energy supporting life and vitality. 

By introducing monatomic elements to the skin, we cause a resonant vibration into the body where it is stimulated and harmonized. This "higher" vibration pattern allows not only our body to resonate at a higher vibration but also our minds. As we continue to add Ormus Elements to our body (transdermal), we begin to transformation our awareness both past and future, beyond time and space into the experience of NOW. We are given a frequency to perceived everything with a higher state of knowledge and awareness. Where we were once lost, we open to a place of knowing and choice. Our intuition, mind and spirit, lead us into a life of wellness and longevity.

Ormus Elements have been shown to repair the DNA. When we add Ormus to our daily routine, either through the Infynite Gold products or in another way, we are giving our body the intelligence needed to reduce aging as we know it. 

When I started using Ormus elements on my skin I immediately saw my appearance turn back in years. I am almost 45 years old and I am told I look 35. Beyond the great results I am seeing with my skin, I feel the effects within my consciousness. I am more sensitive to my inner guidance and I truly feel the miracle inside this 5th dimensional substance. My health has improved and I am more grounded then I've ever been. Don't take my word for it though. This is something everyone should experience for themselves! Each one of us will have our own journey into what it means create longevity, it is a state of mind that brings us beyond the mind of the average person. I am done with being average... Being stuck in what I call Social Consciousness or 3D thinking. I'm living life in the UNSEEN. Beautiful skin is an amazing benefit! I love looking 10 years younger! But the true gift is the gift of Life in Awareness.... The Awakening of my Soul.

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