Consciousness is the new stage of Human Evolution

Consciousness is the new stage of Human Evolution

Using our mind to reverse aging is the ability to use the conscious part of our brain to create an outcome.  Aging could be considered a disease, we have been conditioned to believe we must age and deteriorate and I believe those beliefs are not in alignment with the New Age of what it is to be human or the New Human.  Consciousness is the next stage in human evolution.  We are becoming aware of the creator beings we are and taking this awareness to become in control of the mind instead of being the victim of life… or letting the mind control us.  I believe this new evolution of humanity is bringing in the ability to not only be conscious of what we are creating externally but also our internal existence or how we age, disease and disabilities.  If we are made of energy then we have the ability to manipulate this energy with our minds.  We are already doing ti!  We are just using it unconsciously by what we have been told through society.  How many times have you heard, “As you get older things just start shutting down.”  


We have seen cancer disappear  on camera in less then an hour.  Seen things that medical science can’t explain.  Reversing aging is possible!  We can be the creator of our own aging process.  Sustaining and enhancing a physical body of youth, is being aware of our thoughts and body, bringing them into harmony instead of deteriorating in disharmony.  Living a life in a frequency of thought that  our body, mind and spirit was divinely intended because any disease, including aging, is a breaking down of a perfectly created vessel for our soul.  We have the ability to live a life in awareness and reprogram the DNA to do what it is programed to do!  It is an Infinite Source of life force energy beyond the physical body holding information that will one day create longevity and vitality as a way of life through a higher consciousness we can live in with practice. It is our birth right to be the creator of our own youth.  We can become conscious and of our mind and body, allowing our cells to respond in pure love.  Diminishing disease, illness and aging as we know it!  

All that is needed is to choose new thoughts in each moment so that new thoughts and beliefs can be created and stored in your memory. These new beliefs will be easily retrieved each time you perceive yourself as your own creator and not the victim of the mind or of life.

You will begin to notice lines you’ve seen in the past diminish and a more youthful face and body starting to appear.  You will start to feel more energy and notice your thoughts raising to higher levels.  You will become aware of thoughts that are not in alinement with your desire with ease and allow them to release and be recreated into your desired outcome!  We can reprogram to the New Human.  The evolution of humanity is inevitable,  why not be the New Human NOW!

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