Consciousness Creates Youth

Consciousness Creates Youth

As a Consciousness advocate, I love to push the bounds of what seems possible.  Turning 45 next month, my interest around what it means to grow older is becoming more and more of interest to me.  Most say we must inevitably grow older in appearance and decline in physical buoyancy but since I was in my 20’s I questioned this outcome.  Now facing my next birthday I am beginning to see how consciousness plays an enormous role in how I am going to age.  Do I have choice?  I say yes! 

From quantum physics we learn that there really IS no time, only the experience of time passing.  Connecting to this truth, aging would be optional and ‘youthening’ becomes possible in the realm of thought, time and feeling.  If I think I will age as society expects me to age, I will.  It is an outcome passed down into my DNA from all the years my ancestors aged unconsciously!  If I become conscious of this and reprogram my DNA to not age accordingly, can I reverse aging and maintain a state of youthening?  It becomes a process of undoing habits and thought forms that lead me from experiencing my body as  dense matter that wears out over time, to experience it as frequency or energy. I can choose which experience I want to have since I am both:  I am matter and I am energy (frequency).  Again, it is a conscious choice I can make in each moment.  If consciousness can heal cancer and incurable deceases, I believe it can also create youth.  Our DNA is a system of codes that can be changed.  It starts with our thoughts and the awareness of thoughts that are not in line with our desired outcome.  Let’s all become the creator of our own youthening!  Reprogramming starts with stating my desired outcome.  Today I resonate in the frequency of creating my own youth and vitality!

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