Conflict creating Consciousness

by Julie Arnes


Conflict with others is a part of life. How can we make these moments of personal growth and empowerment? For me Being in the Now is a state of being and choosing over and over to come back to the present moment without judgement. When faced with conflict with others, this can be most difficult. My mind wants to assess, judge and make sense of something that really doesn’t need to be put in a category or be figured out. I learned that trying to figure things out in the moment of conflict is just my ego trying to take control in order to keep me safe. So what is my highest purpose in these moments? I think it changes according to the situation but my first response is to observe. I observe within myself what I am feeling and what thoughts are coming up. Am I in fear, rejection, needing to be in control? What outcome am I looking for and is it in line with the universal flow? Most often the conflict is a reflection of an energy I am holding. Urrrrrrrr. I don’t start blaming myself or the situation, instead it’s just an opportunity to challenge myself to reprogram to a higher level or Frequency. How I respond is the first step of reprograming. In this choice I overcome the reptile part of the mind that wants to react (fight or flight response). Overcoming the chemicals flooding my body telling me I should attack or retreat, I choose something different. This is the observation and the purpose of it is to move myself from the reaction to the conscious part of my brain… I am calming down and start seeing different perspectives of the situation. This gives me multiple choices to pick from in how to move forward. It doesn’t really matter in this moment how the situation plays out, because in that moment I have taken responsibility for myself and held my power. By doing this the others response just flows right through me. There is no resistance because I allow the other to have their own experience without having to be responsible for it. Even more importantly I let go of the need for one of us to be right and the other wrong. We both can experience the same situation from our own reality. The thing I have learned by taking responsibility for my self through choice is compassion and the ability to hold space for others to do that for themselves. It does not work everytime, but I notice most always a conflict dissolves on its own just by not playing out an energy exchange in lower frequencies. This will be my practice as I move through times of turmoil. I will continue to CHOOSE consciousness!