Absorbing Reality Beyond the Mind

Absorbing Reality Beyond the Mind

What if we could exist beyond space and time?  Take away the linear mindset and live life as a whole?  If time is an illusion, isn’t it possible we have the capability to live beyond time?  Time is another thing we are taught through social consciousness.  Though I feel there is purpose to time the purpose can exist without time itself.  I did an experiment with time not that long ago.  I decided I wouldn’t think about what I was to do next or how I would get everything “done”.  I chose to stay in the moment through out several days.  What I noticed is that I still was functioning and not only functioning but I was always right where I needed to be when the “time” came, without planning it or going by “time”.  When it was time for me to be somewhere I just internally knew what to do.  It was like a dance with the day.  A radar that was directing me in each moment.  It was an experience I could keep dedicating myself to but I don’t.  Why?  I believe in those days I gave myself permission to not be in time and to make mistakes, though I never made a mistake I didn’t “believe” I could keep living my life that way.  I fell back into social consciousness… The belief that we are all stuck in measured time, and in this linear time we are stuck with AGING.  What if time is just another illusion that keeps us stuck in the disease called aging?  What if we truly are capable of living beyond linear time?  Our brains are capable of taking us beyond what we could ever understand.  The way we use our brains now is not only limiting but is the one thing keeping us from being what we are meant to be…. Limitless!  Just like time is limitless when we take out the minds way of being controlled by it.  


Can we live beyond time?  YES!  We have all experienced times like this before.  When we feel like moments have passed and when we come back into the vibration of social consciousness we see that hours have passed.  What if we never came back to this vibration…  What if we suspend time and live in this state?  

One day I was taking my daughter to school.  It is a 15 minute drive and we left the house with 5 minutes to get there.  On the drive there I allowed myself to go into a place that linear time didn’t exist.  I kept myself there the entire drive to the school.  Not only did we make it on time but we still had 5 minutes to spare!  

So what do we choose?  To be controlled by time?  or do we break out of the mental blocks that keep us there?  Can we challenge our way of thinking and existing and evolve to the next level of what it means to be human?  It is all right there waiting for us.  All we need to do is say it is so and start witnessing it happening!  Start seeing reality beyond the minds limitations… start living beyond time.

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