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Special Edition Eclipse ORMUS Spray

Special Edition Eclipse ORMUS Spray

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  • 4 OZ Spray Bottle

Our ORMUS Spray is specially crafted to help you experience the benefits of ORMUS, structured water, nano gold, and essential oils. Our ORMUS Spray can be used on the body or in any area you choose. Try it out for yourself and experience the benefits of this powerful combination.

Welcome the Special Edition Eclipse ORMUS Spray, which is coded with the frequencies of the Libra Full Moon Eclipse. This spray is designed to help increase the frequency of the body and elevate your consciousness to higher frequencies. With Eclipse Season upon us, there is a lot of information for us to explore and learn from.

One of the ways this ORMUS Spray can be used is by practicing tracing frequency back to our Home frequency. When an emotional reaction arises in the body, the first step is to be consciously aware. Then, spray the ORMUS and allow yourself to move through the emotion while recognizing that there is always a frequency on the other side. The frequency on the other side of an emotion is always the same and this spray can help you explore and recognize what that frequency feels like for you.

Overall, the Special Eclipse ORMUS Spray is a powerful tool for consciously practicing awareness and elevating your consciousness to higher frequencies during Eclipse Season and beyond.

Ingredients: Structured water, ORMUS, Nano Gold, Frankincense Essential Oil


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